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Automotive Engineering Positions / 自動車業界エンジニア職種
[Automotive] Fuel System Engineer / 自動車機能燃料システムエンジニア
職務内容 ■Responsibility of / Expectations from the Role:

1. Own the responsibility of development of Fuel tank
2. Plan activities to meet project milestones
3. Coordinate with suppliers for development, testing and validation


1. 燃料タンクの開発責任
2. プログラムのマイルストーンの達成計画の立案
3. サプライヤーと連携し、開発、テスト、検証の実施 
登録資格 ■Desired Competencies (Technical/Behavioral Competency) 

• Must have experience in fuel system development program and should have at least one program handling independently from Design start to start of production (SOP).
• Bilingual (English & Japanese)
• Knowledge on Fuel system regulations and test procedures.
• Should be able to understand Fuel tank performance requirements, specifications and shall prepare design roadmap for Development Cycle.
• Should coordinate and prepare list of tests to conduct for the fuel system components, their outlines and procedures.
• Must have UG-NX experience to handle the work independently.

• Fuel system components test procedures.
• Sheet metal and Plastic components design processes.
• Strong working knowledge of MS Office.
• Good communication and Interpersonal skills.


• 燃料システム開発プログラムの経験(必須):設計開始から生産開始(SOP)まで少なくとも1つのプログラムを単独で担当した経験がある
• 日英バイリンガルコミュニケーションスキル
• 燃料システムの規制およびテスト手順に関する知見
• 燃料タンクの性能要件、仕様を理解し、開発サイクルの設計ロードマップ作成が可能
• 燃料システムコンポーネント用に実施するテスト、およびその概要・手続きのリストの整理および作成
• UG‐NXの操作経験(自主的に業務を処理していただくため)(必須)

• 燃料システムコンポーネントのテスト手順の理解
• 板金及びプラスチック部品の設計プロセスの熟知
• MS Officeの実践的な知識、経験 
待遇  ■Employment status
Regular Employee
Manager/Supervisor classification: Nil (Classifiable depending on the case)
Deemed working hours per day: 8hrs

Monthly salary:Under our corporate regulations, amount will be decided in consideration of candidates’ experiences and abilities.
Discretionary labor allowance: 60,000 JPY - 80,000 JPY
Overtime work allowance: By ordinary (Paid according to overtime working hours)
Salary raise: Yes
Premium: Yes

■Working hours
9:00 - 18:00
(Actual working hrs: 8hrs /Flex time system/ Core time: 10:00 - 16:00)

Annual paid leave, Two days off every week (Sat, Sun), Public holidays, Yearend and new year holidays, Congratulation or condolence leave, and nursing leave.

■Welfare program
Insurance: Medical insurance, Welfare pension, Employment insurance, and Industrial injury insurance
System: Asset-building savings, Company pension, Cafeteria plan (selection-based corporate member welfare service)
   * Only regular employee is eligible for Asset-building savings and Company pension.
Facility: Corporate membership facility (Athletic club, Onsen resort house, hotel accommodations, etc.)





勤務地  Tokyo, to be placed at Client location@ Kanagawa 

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