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Automotive Engineering Positions / 自動車業界エンジニア職種
[Automotive] HIL Testing Engineer / 自動車HILテストエンジニア
職務内容 [japanese follows the English]
■Responsibility of / Expectations from the Role:

1. Hardware in Loop Testing Environment Design & Setup
2. Validation and Verification on Hardware in Loop Testing
3. Client Interaction & Onsite-Offshore Management
4. Training new Engineers on HIL Setup & Testing

■Reporting Relationship: Project Manager/Offshore Lead/Onsite Lead/


1. HIL(Hardware-in-the-Lop)テスト環境の設計及び設定
2. HIL(Hardware-in-the-Lop)テストでの検証(Verification)及び妥当性確認(Validation)
3. クライアント様とのやり取りおよびオンサイトとオフショア間のマネージメント
4. HIL(Hardware-in-the-Lop)の設定およびテストに関する新人エンジニアへのトレーニング

登録資格 [japanese follows the English]
■Desired Competencies (Technical/Behavioral Competency) 

• Experience on dSPACE or VT Systems HIL Testing Environment setup
(DS1006, DS1401, Scalexio LabBox, VT6000, VT6104, VT2004, I/O boards, CAN Boards, etc.)
• Experience of performing HIL Testing in dSPACE or VT Systems – ECU or Rapid Prototyping Testing (MicroAutoBox, etc.)
• Experience in Communication Protocols, i.e CAN, LIN, etc. from Transmission & Reception handling
• Experience in handling Analog and Digital I/O
• Experience on HILs based Tools
(Control Desk, CANoe, CANanalyzer, CANape, Configuration Desk, Automation Desk, RAMScope, Python scripting, etc.)
• Debugging & Analysis of HILs Test logs & Reports
• Good communication skill and good team player

• Experience in Vehicle Testing, Rig Testing, Bench Testing
• Exposure to automotive Industry with know-how of vehicle electronics
• Knowledge of Body/Chassis/Powertrain ECU Functionality
• Knowledge of ISO26262 Safety compliant Software Development process
• Knowledge of Model Based Development Process – Matlab, Simulink
• Knowledge of Test Plan creation from Specification

■Qualifications EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE: Experience – 2-8 years/ Qualification - Engineer


• dSPACE もしくは VT Systems(Hardware-in-the-Lop)テスト環境設定の経験がある
ー (DS1006, DS1401, Scalexio LabBox, VT6000, VT6104, VT2004, I/O boards, CAN Boards等)
• dSPACEもしくは VT Systems にてHILテストの実施経験がある
• 通信プロトコル(CAN、LIN等)の経験がある(送信と受信の処理からの対応)
• アナログおよびデジタルI/Oの操作経験がある
• HILsベースツールの操作経験がある(Control Desk、CANoe、CANanalyzer、CANape、Configuration Desk、 Automation Desk、RAMScope、Python scripting等)
• HILsベースツールにてHIL(Hardware-in-the-Loop)の実施経験がある (Control Desk、 CANoe、 CANanalyzer、 CANape、 Configuration Desk、 Automation Desk、 RAMScope、 Python scripting等)
• HILテストのlogsと Reportsのデバッグおよび分析
• コミュニケーション能力およびチームワークに優れている

• 車両テスト、リグ試験、ベンチテストの実施経験がある
• 自動車業界経験者で、車両エレクトロニクスのノウハウを有する
• 車体/シャーシ/パワートレインECU機能の知見がある
• ISO26262安全順守ソフトウェア開発プロセスの知見がある
• モデルベースの開発プロセス(Matlab、Simulink)の知見がある
• 仕様書からテストプランを作成する知見がある

■学歴と経験: エンジニアとして、2-8年間の実務経験
待遇  [japanese follows the English]
■Employment status
Regular Employee
Manager/Supervisor classification: Nil (Classifiable depending on the case)
Deemed working hours per day: 8hrs

Monthly salary:Under our corporate regulations, amount will be decided in consideration of candidates’ experiences and abilities.
Discretionary labor allowance: 60,000 JPY - 80,000 JPY
Overtime work allowance: By ordinary (Paid according to overtime working hours)
Salary raise: Yes
Premium: Yes

■Working hours
9:00 - 18:00
(Actual working hrs: 8hrs /Flex time system/ Core time: 10:00 - 16:00)

Annual paid leave, Two days off every week (Sat, Sun), Public holidays, Yearend and new year holidays, Congratulation or condolence leave, and nursing leave.

■Welfare program
Insurance: Medical insurance, Welfare pension, Employment insurance, and Industrial injury insurance
System: Asset-building savings, Company pension, Cafeteria plan (selection-based corporate member welfare service)
   * Only regular employee is eligible for Asset-building savings and Company pension.
Facility: Corporate membership facility (Athletic club, Onsen resort house, hotel accommodations, etc.)





勤務地  Tokyo, to be placed at Client location@ Kanagawa 

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