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Engineering & Industrial Service (EIS)
Technical Lead (Automotive EE Systems) Automotive EE Architecture Lead, Bilingual / English
職務内容 プロジェクトの概要 -
a. CANと診断業務 -
- プロセスとソフトウェアアプリケーション開発によるCAN、CAN-FD、診断データ作成のサポート
b.ゲートウェイとEEアーキテクチャの開発業務 -
- 三菱自動車新規EEアーキテクチャの迅速なプロトタイピングと検証における三菱自動車設計チームのサポート
- マルチチャネル・ゲートウェイECUの機能、診断、ネットワーク管理と検証
c. EEシステムコンポーネント開発業務 -
- 報告された不具合の分析と対応
- EEコンポーネントのベンチテスト

1. 車両に関する知識(システムレベル/ECUレベル)
2. EEアーキテクチャ、車両ECU、センサー、アクチュエータに関する知識
3. CAN/CAN-FD/イーサネットなどの自動車用通信プロトコルにおける経験
4. 要件の設計、管理、MBD、HILS、シミュレーションにおける経験
5. dSPACE、CANoe、試験と自動化における経験
6. プロジェクトとデリバリーの管理に関する知識

【Explain the project】
Project Outline -
a. CAN and Diagnostics Activities -
- Support in CAN, CAN-FD and Diagnostic data creation by developing process and software applications
b. Gateway and EE Architecture Development Actvities -
- Support MMC Design Team in rapid prototyping and validation of New MMC EE architecture
- Ensure Functional, Diagnostic and Network Management Validation of Multi-Channel Gateway ECU
c. EE System Component Development Actvities -
- Analyze and respond to defects reported from market
- Perorming bench testing for various EE components

【Advantages of the positions】
1. This position will enable the associate to get a good knowledge on various areas under EE System umbrella
2. Areas include -
a. Various EE Components Like - Power Window Switch, Column Switch, Steering Switch, Clock Spring, Airbag ECU, ETACS, OSS, PSD, KOS-RKE, ADAS, Gateway, and few more
b. Various communication protocols - CAN, CAN-FD, Automotive Ethernet
c. Knowledge on EE Architecture Development Activities

【Operational structure】
9-10 Hrs Support (Monday to Friday) 
登録資格 【Required skills】
1. Knowledge about vehicle (System Level / ECU Level)
2. Knowledge of EE arch., Vehicle ECUs, Sensors and Actuators
3. Experience in automotive communication protocols - CAN/CAN-FD/Ethernet/others
4. Experience in Requirement Design & Management / MBD / HILS / Simulation
5. Experience in dSPACE / CANoe / Testing and Automation
6. Knowledge on project and delivery management

【Nice-to-have skills】
1. Knowledge on project and delivery management
2. Japanese Language (Intermediate ++)
3. Vehicle Diagnostics

English - For coordination, project and delivery management
Japanese - Customer engagement, TCS Business, Run-time Pain Area Extraction  
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勤務地  Aichiken, Japan 
Career path  Knowledge gained based in above mentioned areas can help the associate lead his Automotive Career in EE System and EE Architecture area. 
Preferred career (Target companies or keywords for the candidates we are looking for)  Keywords -
Vehicle (System Level / ECU Level), EE architecture, Vehicle ECUs, Sensors and Actuators, Automotive, Communication Protocols, CAN/CAN-FD/Ethernet, Requirement Design, MBD/HILS/Simulation, dSPACE/Vector/CANoe/Testing, Vehicle Diagnostics 

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