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Engineering & Industrial Service (EIS)
Interior Engineer/ Technical Lead
職務内容 [職務内容]


[Responsibilities / Expectations from the Role]

>> Lead and support the engineering activities for Automotive Interiors. Should be expert in design and development of Interior trims from concept to SOP. Coordination of Customer and TCS teams.
>> Engineer will work in RnD Division of Customer and will have exposure to new technologies. Will get experience in complete vehicle development process
>> Engineer will be working on niche technologies and will be part of new vehicle development program. Will help the engineer to expand his domain knowledge and expertise 
登録資格 [Desired Competencies (Technical/Behavioral Competency)]

>> 評判の高いOEMにおける内装トリム、CPM、コンソールの設計経験が4〜8年以上あること。
>> CPM、コンソール、自動車内装トリムの設計・開発に携わった経験があること。
>> 自動車トリムのサブシステム(CPMとトリム)の機能について十分な知識があること。
>> CPMと内装トリムの最新の市場動向に関する経験があること。
>> 射出成形プラスチック部品の設計方法とアセンブリに関する知識(CPMとトリム)があること。
>> クラスAサーフェスとBサイドアタッチメントの知識があること。
>> 電子コンポーネントユニット(ECU)のCPMレイアウトとパッケージングに関する知識が十分にあること。
>> スタックアップ分析に関する十分な知識があること。

>> Min 4-8 years experience on Interior Trim, CPM and Console design in reputed OEM.
>> Should have hands on experience in Design and Development of CPM, Console and Automotive Interior trims.
>> Should have good knowledge on function of Automotive trims sub-systems (CPM & Trims)
>> Hands on experience in latest market trends in CPM and Interior trims
>> Knowledge of Injection moulded plastic parts design methodology & Assy (CPM & Trims).
>> Should have good knowledge of Working with Class-A Surfaces & B-side attachments.
>> Good Knowledge on CPM Layout and and Packaging of Electronic Component units ( ECU)
>> Good Knowledge of Stack up Analysis.

[Nice-to-have Skill]

>> GD & Tの基礎知識がること。
>> NX (サーフェス、パーツ、アセンブリのモデリングと図面)の十分な知識があること。
>> Teamcenter - ユーザーレベルの経験があること。
>> 内装トリムに関連する国際的な規制や国際的な試験基準に関する知識。
>> CPMおよびコンソールインストール2 D図面生成の知識があること。
>> 板金およびプラスチック部品の設計および製造プロセス
>> MS Officeの豊富な実務知識。
>> サプライヤーとのコミュニケーション、部品調達、材料選定、コスト見積もり、部門間のコミュニケーションに関する基本的な知識。

>> Basic Knowledge of GD & T.
>> Good knowledge in NX (Surface, Part , Assembly modeling & Drawing).
>> Teamcenter - User level Experience
>> Knowledge of Global Regulations related to Interior trims and International test standards.
>> Knowledge of CPM and Console Installation 2D drawing generation
>> Sheet metal and Plastic components design and manufacturing processes.
>> Strong working knowledge of MS Office.
>> Basic knowledge Supplier communication, Part sourcing, Material selection, Cost estimation and inter department communication

English and Japanese 
待遇  ■Employment status
Regular Employee
Manager/Supervisor classification: Nil (Classifiable depending on the case)
Deemed working hours per day: 8hrs

Monthly salary:Under our corporate regulations, amount will be decided in consideration of candidates’ experiences and abilities.
Discretionary labor allowance: 60,000 JPY - 80,000 JPY
Overtime work allowance: By ordinary (Paid according to overtime working hours)
Salary raise: Yes
Premium: Yes

■Working hours
9:00 - 18:00
(Actual working hrs: 8hrs /Flex time system/ Core time: 10:00 - 16:00)

Annual paid leave, Two days off every week (Sat, Sun), Public holidays, Year end and new year holidays, Congratulation or condolence leave, and nursing leave.

■Welfare program
Insurance: Medical insurance, Welfare pension, Employment insurance, and Industrial injury insurance
System: Asset-building savings, Company pension, Cafeteria plan (selection-based corporate member welfare service)
   * Only regular employee is eligible for Asset-building savings and Company pension.
Facility: Corporate membership facility (Athletic club, Onsen resort house, hotel accommodations, etc.) 
勤務地  Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa 

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